Can Manuka Honey save my stomach?

Few days ago I was at supermarket shopping for honey to cure my stomachache which has been bothering me for the past few days. The pain was mild so I thought maybe some home remedies will do me some good. Honey was the first thing that came to my mind. So I made my way to Wholefoods.

As I was browsing through the aisle, I stumbled upon this stylishly packaged jar of honey, called Manuka Honey, by Wedderspoon. When I saw the price, my cheap self said I should get a regular honey at Superstore instead. I thought I could buy at least 5 bottles of Billy Bee with the price of Manuka Honey. But I am a human being with uncontrollable curiosity, so I grabbed my mighty iPhone to look up Manuka Honey and I spent about 30 minutes at Starbucks reading on it.

What is Manuka Honey?

It is produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate Manuka, a native tea tree. The plant is commonly known for its medicinal uses. According to the Department of Conservation of New Zealand, honey derived from Manuka pollen contains powerful natural insecticides and anti-bacterial agents that can help fight intestinal worms and bacterial infections. Hence, Manuka Honey is widely known for its healing power over stomach pain. In general, all good grade honey has healing power to our body. Not only it contains hydro peroxide (H202), which is highly antibacterial and antifungal, honey contains a number of antioxidants including phenols, enzymes, flavonoids and more. What separates Manuka Honey from the other types of honey is its higher concentration of methylglyoxal (MG), which gives this type of honey a stronger antibacterial effect. To justify the amount of money you will spend on your first Manuka Honey, make sure you get the high-quality ones that will have a good return on your health. Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) is a trademark and rating system that assures purity and quality. From Grade 5 (low) to 26 (high), the higher the number the honey has, the better the quality and purity present in it. You can find out more about the grading system at the UMF Honey Association.

So at the end I bought it…not because buying premium honey at Wholefoods is just a fancy  and vain thing to do (Maybe?)…it is because I want to try it out.

Application – Oral

It’s absurd to say that my current periodic abdominal pain started three weeks ago has become the best machine to test the effectiveness of Manuka Honey. In order to see if it regulates my stomach, I have been taking one tablespoon of Manuka Honey every morning with empty stomach and a glass of warm water for the past 10 days. Here is my progress

  • Day 1: Pain still appeared intermittently. Pain level stayed the same.
  • Day 3: Pain appeared less frequent than before. Pain level reduced.
  • Day 5: Pain level reduced, but I still felt the pain twice that day
  • Day 8: Pain was much less. I only felt it once in the past two days
  • Day 10: Pain was almost unnoticeable, although I still felt it a bit because I had lunch around 3 pm due to my schedule.

During the test period, my diet and water consumption were consistent – three meals two litres of water a day. The only difference was the addition of Manuka Honey to my daily diet.

So I truly hope that it is the magic of Manuka Honey because I do feel like Manuka Honey did alleviate my abdominal pain. I went to see the doctor and did several tests in the following day after the experiment ended.  Thank God everything is normal.

Viewers, have you tried Manuka Honey or other types of honey before? Did it improve your health? I would love to hear your experience with Manuka Honey!


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