Fight off: Tony Moly Snail Mask vs. Eunice Collagen Mask

Welcome to the first episode of Product Fight Off! In this episode, we will find out how Tony Moly Intense Case Snail Hydro Gel Mask (what a long name) performs in comparison to Eunice Collagen Mask (what is the brand). They are going to be compared against each other based on my experience with both products. Moisturizing impact, ingredients, scent, ease of application, cost and company history are the key criteria to determine who is the winner. Who is the judge? Me. Who am I? I am just a regular consumer who commits herself to searching for great products that give us high return on investment, namely, a product that lives up to their advertisement and gives us a lot of real benefits all within a reasonable price. Before we jump right into the fight off, let me briefly introduce the contestants.


Tony Moly Intense Case Snail Hydro Gel Mask

The mask is one of the many masks under the Korean brand. The mask is, instead of the traditional sheet mask, made out of hydrogel. Hydrogel mask is the THING in the current Asia beauty trend, as it is said that the gel-like mask has the ability to transfer serum to our skin better than the sheet mask. Another innovative aspect of this mask is that it contains Snail Secretion Filtrate, which is the mucus snails create to lubricate the surface when they move to avoid injuring themselves or to heal them from cuts and bacteria. (I know, at this point, you may be grossed out by it that you are making a face like you just took a bite of a very very sour lemon. Well, if that’s the case, I highly suggest you NOT to watch how the fluid is extracted from them because it’s like eating the whole sour lemon all by yourself.) So because of what it does to snails, snail filtrate has been used for centuries on human skin. It is claimed to be extremely hydrating given its high content of water, it also helps to stimulate formation of collagen and elastin while repairing our skin from free radicals at the same time.

Eunice Collagen S.O.S Paper Mask

I got a pack of this from my mom half a year ago. She bought the masks in Hong Kong because she said her friends were using this mask. The mask serum contains numerous kinds of natural plant extracts and vitamins such as A, C, E, B1, B3, B6 and B9. A quick rundown of the benefits of each vitamin:

  • A – slows down aging as it stimulates the dermis where collagen, elastin and blood vessels are. It helps reduce wrinkles and increases blood flow to the surface of the skin.
  • C – evens out skin tone, makes our skin glowy and tight because of ascorbid acid and its role in collagen synthesis. It also protects our skin from UV-induced damages.
  • E – blocks free radicals from entering our skin. Preventing free radicals helps perverse our youthful skin since free radicals causes signs of pre-mature aging.
  • B Complex – key to the proper functioning of our body, from muscle, metabolism, nervous systems, organs, eyes and skin. It turns carbohydrates, fat and proteins into energy. When it is applied on skin, it helps regulating our skin condition and makes it glowing.


I tried both masks on separate days during nighttime. Before putting a mask, I cleaned my face, and measured the moisture level after 10 minutes. Then I measured the impact 10 minutes after I took off the mask and cleaned my face.


Moisturizing Impact: Tony Moly!

Holy Moly Tony Moly !(it has a nice ring to it eh?) Tony Moly boosted up my skin moisture by more 40% on my test spots – forehead, cheeks and chin, while Eunice only delivered less than 20% increase on my fore and less than 5 % in other areas. Please refer to the picture for the before and after measurement. Due to the picture format, I could only show my forehead and left cheek.

Ingredients: Tony Moly

I was going to give it to Eunice since it is plant-based and carries less chemical ingredients than Tony Moly. But, the Tony Moly mask was just so hydrating for my face that I have to give it to Tony Moly. I believe the combination of the hydrogel mask and the snail slime really locked in the moisture and allowed time for my skin to absorb the serum

Scents: Eunice

I like masks that do not smell like artificial fragrance because it is just another chemical they added to make the product more attractive. I can barely smell any scent from the Eunice mask, whereas the Tony Moly mask is lightly fragrant.

Ease of application: TIE

The Tony Moly Mask has two parts, one for upper face (above cheeks) and another for lower cheeks and chin. At first I had difficulty separating the plastic films that keep the mask in place, and because one plastic film is transparent so I mistook it as the mask for the first minute :P. But it’s fun to feel the gel on my skin since I like to poke at it every few minutes.

The Eunice Mask is a paper mask that folds itself in the package. Because there is a large amount of serum inside the package, the slimy texture made it hard to unfold the mask. But I cannot not praise the amount of serum it is so much that you can use it for your body or soak the mask in the bag for a second round!

Pricing: Tony Moly

They both costed about $36 CAN to purchase 5 pieces. But, the impact Tony Moly Intense Snail Hydrogel Mask had on my skin was a great return for the dollars invested.

Company History: Tony Moly

Established in 2006, Tony Moly is a well-known Korean cosmetic and skincare company. I can find a lot of its products on its website. For Eunice, I couldn’t find its company website other than some online shopping sites that sell the masks.


I would say it was an easy win for the snail gel mask based on my experience. Viewers, what is your experience with the masks? Do you have any recommendations for me on masks? I am looking for new masks for this dry winter! Please kindly give me some suggestions :D.



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